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'Springtime in Japan at the Bellagio'

'Springtime in Japan at the Bellagio' was inspired by a visit to Las Vegas. Perhaps attributable to having just seen the Fabergé egg exhibition at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, or maybe it was the experience of walking beneath the hundreds of pieces from  Dale Chihuly that adorn the hotel's lobby ceiling. 


My wife and I ventured toward the Bellagio Conservatory to see the botanicals everyone was swarming over like bees...

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'Lady in Clothier'

In Toronto, Ontario, there is a little clothier hidden away in an alleyway. For those who don't know, a 'clothier' is a person or company that makes, sells, or deals in clothes or cloth...

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'Night Mare'

Early morning sun rays warm the back of a working horse as she walks through a cold field.

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'Peripheral Vision'

'Peripheral Vision' not only contrasts but also establishes unity between the micro and the macro. From nanometers to lightyears, we see immense scale before us as light illuminates our immediate vicinity and shines at us from the farthest reaches of the Universe.

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+Fine Art



Ben Miley's 2022 work 'Extraction' is a look into the motivations behind establishing a form and responding to a function.

On a large kitchen cutting board rests Philippe Starck's 'Juicy Salif Lemon Squeezer', designed by Philipe Starke in 1988, largely regarded...

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Early in Miley's catalogue, 'Seasons' shows a human response to the ever changing weather.

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'Space Cowboy'

In this 2022 work by Ben Miley, 'Space Cowboy' is a painting of a horse inspired by humanity's quest to continually explore, tame the wild and voyage into the unknown.

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'Bildins' is a painting of a waterfront section of the Old Port in Portland, ME.

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