Rack Fiend

The Rack Fiend bicycle rack liberates your precious floor area and stylishly compliments your wall, bicycle and space.


Produced by a Toronto artist and operating on the visually stimulating concept of a cantilever, the slender but powerful form of the Rack Fiend bicycle rack elegantly suspends your bicycle and displays your passion and pride for cycling as if it were a work of art upon your wall. In fact, when not holding a bicycle, the artifact itself emulates a piece of sculpture and casts beautiful shadows, providing enjoyment anytime. Bicycle enthusiasts love the Rack Fiend as it brings forth a truth in craftsmanship and a simplicity in materials, installation and use; and will last for perhaps a century or more at the cost of an extremely low environmental impact in its production.


Two forty-eight centimeter bent steel rods with inset leather pads mirror each other on two axis to form "arms" to cantilever a bicycle and are welded to a nineteen centimeter diameter circle of rolled steel rod containing two counter-bored holes for mounting, which forms the complete fixture. Materials include leather and ten millimeter powder-coated steel rod. The fixture mounts to a wall with toggle bolts, anchors or screws and is suitable for drywall, wood paneling, brick, concrete, and others. The Rack Fiend measures thirty-seven by nineteen by twenty-nine centimeters.