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SS1 (Red Leather)

SS1 (Red Leather)

Collection: Humble Servant
Year: 2011

The Humble Servant line is modernist style cantilevered furniture inspired by the human form and in the style of furniture by 1920's European modernist architects Mart Stam, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and Marcel Breuer.
The Humble Servant chair has four bent stainless steel tubes that form two legs and two arms, and a single straight tube connecting the arms and legs above the backrest of the chair, forming the frame. A seat with taut seat and back is supported from the front by inward facing bends of the two arms, creating a massive cantilever. The spherical headrest sits atop the frame with a front facing, hemispherical cushion.

Materials include polished stainless steel, leather, and a seat core of bent wood. The seat and headrest are foam padded and leather upholstered.
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